Monday, March 07, 2016

Awakened mind of awareness

Guru Rinpoche
Look into the awakened mind of your own awareness! It has neither form nor color, neither center nor edge. At first, it has no origin but is empty. Next, it has no dwelling place but is empty. At the end, it has no destination but is empty. This emptiness is not made of anything and is clear and cognizant. When you see this and recognize it, you know your natural face. You understand the nature of things. You have then seen the nature of mind, resolved the basic state of reality and cut through doubts about topics of knowledge.

 This awakened mind of awareness is not made out of any material substance; it is self-existing and inherent in yourself. This is the nature of things that is easy to realize because it is not to be sought for elsewhere. This is the nature of mind that does not consist of a concrete perceiver and something perceived to fixate on. It defies the limitations of permanence and annihilation. In it there is no thing to awaken; the awakened state of enlightenment is your own awareness that is naturally awake. In it there is no thing that goes to the hells; awareness is naturally pure. In it there is no practice to carry out; its nature is naturally cognizant. This great view of the natural state is present in yourself: resolve that it is not to be sought for elsewhere.

Source: Nyingma Masters


Lucas Hoops said...

Hello, I love this blog, and are you no longer going to keep it up? Can I help in any way?

Harpinder SINGH said...

True, Suffering is our own creation most of the time

Antique Buddhas said...

once, i attended mandala therapy session. the therapist said that the subconscious mind will evoke through the dreams symbolically. therefore the therapist suggested me to note down the dream that i saw that night. next morning, i attended the group and shared my dream, it was Huge Buddha Statue in a seating position and i couldn't figure out the hand mudra. the therapists said that buddha is symbolically represents reality. so he further suggest that i might be more aware of the present situation of that period. therefore when mind awareness comes to my mind i thought of the therapy session and how it helped me.