Monday, December 26, 2011

Dzogchen meditation

Kalu Rinpoche
The late Kalu Rinpoche of Kagyu lineage - taught in this meditation practice that we should allow all thoughts, feelings, and preceptions to settle like snow-flakes falling into a clear lake.

We do not have to get rid of them or wash them away or stop them, but only to see how they settle and dissolve naturally by themselves without any effort on our parts, just as everything appears and eventually disappears. In this way, we learn how to drop our physical attachments and clinging, as well as our clinging to our minds, identities, mental attachments, preoccupations, and concerns. And then, everything that can fall away does fall away, we can simply rest in the luminous clarity and bliss of total naked awareness itself, the groundless ground of incandescent being.

Dzogchen meditation is not any form of thinking, analysis, or mental gymnastics, but a natural meditation relying on innate wakefulness and naked, uncontrived awareness. Kalu rinpoche taught that anyone can become enlightenment in this lifetime through such a practice, regardless of age, nationality, gender, how one looks, whether one is learned or not, and so forth.

By Lama Surya Da

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