Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking Nakedly, Resting Still

I the yogi, Milarepa, look nakedly and see the essence
What I see is beyond concept what I see resembles space
Free from motion, resting still - I realize the true nature
All the things there are empty - their empty essence is what I realize
Relaxing loosely, letting go - original wisdom holds its ground
In the river of awareness the mud settles down and the brightness shines
I take my concepts and throw them away - recollection and thoughts are cut
The deep abyss of the six realms has been sealed completely - that's over for me know
I know for sure my mind is Buddha, so there's nothing I need to gain or achieve
When realization shines from inside, it's like when the sun's light shines on the night
All my thoughts, the whole collection, and disturbing states of mind
Without effort, in their own place, disappearing and now gone


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