Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Five Perfections of The Definitive Meaning


The support is the three precious jewels
They're present primordially
Perfect in natural awareness
I don't need to supplicate them
I am the blissful yogi
Ain't doing no recitation!

The yidams, bestowers of siddhis
Both common and supreme
Are not something you can create
They're perfect within clear light mind
So I do not need to practice
The deity's creation stage
I am the blissful yogi
My own body is the deity!

The host of sky flying dakinis
Who clear bad conditions
Are perfect in natural being
No need to offer them torma
This blissful yogi is resting
In six consciousnesses so relaxed!

This demon who causes such problems
This demon is just my own thoughts
Appearances of ghosts and goblins
Are perfect within Dharmata
I don't need to do wrathful pujas
I don't need to make all that noise
I am the blissful yogi
My thoughts shine as Dharmakaya!

All conventions in scriptures and logic
Are perfect when I taste clear light
And so I do not need to study
In the conventional way
I am the blissful yogi
My texts are whatever appears!


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