Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Buddha Within

Milarepa, 11th. century cave yogi

Behold and search your unborn mind;
Seek not for satisfaction in samsara.
I attain all my knowledge through observing the mind within --
Thus all my thoughts become the teachings of Dharma,
And apparent phenomena are all the books one needs.
Seeing the innate face of the self-mind is supreme,
How can common meditation match it?

He who realizes the nature of his own mind knows
That the mind itself is Wisdom-Awareness,
And no longer makes the mistake of searching for Buddha from other sources.
In fact, Buddha cannot be found by searching,
So contemplate your own mind.
This is the highest teaching one can practice;
This very mind is the Tathagatagarbha, Buddha nature, the womb of the Buddhas.


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