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The Supreme Doctrine of the wise and glorious King

Patrul Rinpoche - 1808-1887

The Supreme Doctrine of the wise and glorious King
by Dza Pältrül Rinpoche, 'Jigme Chökyi Wangpo
English Translation by Mike Dickman

To the Spiritual Teacher I bow down.

The View is the All–pervasive Vast Expanse, Longchen Rab'jam.
Meditation is Light Rays of Knowledge and Love, Khyentse'i 'Özer.
Activity is the Child of the Victorious Ones, Gyalwa'i Nyugu.
Thus practising
One will attain Buddhahood in a single lifetime without the least effort,
Or — if not — A LA LA! — what peace of mind!

The View is precisely the All–Pervading Vast Expanse:
Three words strike the essential meaning.
First, keep your mind relaxed,
Not scattered, not concentrated and without divisive thoughts.
Resting in this state of even–minded relaxation,
Utter a sudden mind–shattering PHAT,
Forceful, vigorous and abrupt.
E MA HO! — How marvellous!...
Nothing at all!... Astonishment and wonderment!...
In this state of wonderment, all–penetrating mental freedom,
An all–encompassing mental freedom that is inexpressible,
Recognise this awareness, the dimension of absolute reality.
Identifying the primacy of the nature of mind is the first essential point

Then, whether arising or resting in place,
Angry or desirous, happy or sad,
At all times and in all situations,
Having recognised the pristine awareness of the dimension of absolute reality,
For those who have previously familiarised themselves, mother and son clear light meet.
Rest in this inexpressible state of pristine awareness.
Over and over again, destroy any sense of quiescence, bliss, clarity or projection
With the sudden exclamation of the syllable of skilful means and insight.
There is no difference between (periods of) meditation and subsequent insight (into daily life),
No division between meditative sessions and the pauses between them:
Remain in this non–differentiable state continuously.
None the less, until stability is attained,
Renounce distraction and treasure meditation.
Practice formal meditation in set periods
And at all times and in all situations
Maintain only this free play of the dimension of absolute reality,
Firmly convinced that there is no other practice than this.
Absolute conviction of this, and only this, is the second essential point.

At that time, abiding in the understanding of the essence of desire, hatred, pleasure, pain
And of all adventitious thoughts without exception,
Remain in direct recognition without remainder or addition.
Seizing the reality dimension state of what it is that is to be released,
Like a drawing on water,
There is uninterrupted self–arising and self–liberation:
Whatever arises is sustenance for naked awareness–emptiness,
All fluctuation the creativity of the sovereign dimension of the absolutely real,
Spontaneously self–purified and leaving no trace — A LA LA!
The mode of arising is the same as before
But there is an immense and crucial difference in the mode of liberation,
And without it meditation is a path of delusion.
Possessing it is the state of the dimension of absolute reality beyond meditation:
Confidence in (simultaneous arising and) liberation is the third essential point.

In this View embracing the Three Essential Points,
A meditation combining knowledge and love,
And the general activities of a Buddha–Son will be of assistance.
Though the Victorious Ones of the three times consulted together,
They would have no pith–instructions superior to these.
The Treasure–Finder of the awareness and creativity of the dimension of absolute reality,
Extracted this from the treasury of the vast expanse of perfected insight.
It is not like those treasures taken from earth or stone
But is the final testament of Ga'rab Dorje.
It is the heart–essence of the Three Transmissions,
Destined specifically for my Heart Sons.

It is the profound meaning, the outpouring of the heart,
And this message of the heart hits directly at the meaning;
Do not waste this essential truth!
Do not allow these pith–instructions to fade!

This is the Supreme Doctrine of the Wise and Glorious King.

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