Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Supreme Source

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

The true teaching of absolute meaning cannot be comprehended nor shown [through concepts]. It cannot be defined, it cannot become an object of fixation, it cannot be thought: it concerns a nature which transcends thought. [This nature] cannot be meditated on and cannot be some object of thought. It does not know desire and does not conceive the idea of having to accept some fruit [of realization].

Those who abide in this natural non-discursive state reach enlightenment without embarking on a path; without exercising the mind, these obtain self-arising wisdom; without striving, these spontaneously achieve capacity for spiritual action; without keeping any commitment, these naturally maintain purity.

[In this state] the senses and their objects manifest as clarity of this fundamental condition, Buddhas and sentient beings are no longer seen as some duality, and everything is perceived as unity in this fundamental condition.

As fundamental nature knows neither unity nor multiplicity: could the essence, which has never been born and has never manifested, ever become any object of definition?

All buddhas and sentient beings, the whole universe and forms of life inhabiting this, are this nature, beyond any concept of affirmation or negation.

This nature is one in the fundamental condition, and that which is taught by these teachers of the three dimensions serves only to lead all beings, in an indirect manner, to this single reality.

[The chapter which demonstrates the definitive and provisional teachings. pp. 174-175, from The Supreme Source. Namkhai Norbu.]

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